Dedicated to the Martial Arts

Known simply as "The Dojo" when we first opened in 1988, Best Martial Arts Institute has since established itself as a respected part of the Eugene / Springfield, Oregon community. Under the guidance of Sensei Alan Best, the institute offers training programs in a variety of disciplines for martial artists of all skill levels. From hosting seminars with world-renowned masters, to holding sleepovers for kids; Best Martial Arts Institute is a place where teachers and dedicated students pursue the martial arts with a passion. We train with intensity, sincerity, humility, joy, and a bit of humor to lighten the way.

A Thorough Study of the Martial Arts

Sensei Best trained for six years as an apprentice under Shigeki Umemoto, the founder of Toushi Kan Karate, and holds black belts in five different martial arts. "Whatever your opponent's specialty is, be better at it than he is," Mr. Umemoto used to say. With that attitude in mind, Sensei Best created an institute for martial arts training. Inside our dojo you can find dedicated students pursuing the arts of karate, taekwondo, hapkido, judo, aikido, iaido, kendo, and systema.

Beautiful Location

Our school pays respect to the traditions of the martial arts with its elegant, Japanese-inspired design. Originally built as the West Eugene Post Office, the building is now one of the Northwest's largest and most modern martial arts training facilities. Sitting on nearly one acre, the 7,500 square foot air-conditioned building has three matted training areas, abundant training equipment, separate dressing rooms for children and adults, showers, viewing and waiting areas with Wi-Fi access, and even a martial arts library. The main training area is over 2,000 square feet with no obstructions and a high ceiling. Additionally, there is a 1,600 square foot training room with heavy bags, makiwara (karate striking post), chin-up bars, crash pads and a climbing rope. A third, smaller mat room, is perfect for individual training and semi-private classes. All training floors are covered with Swain Sportsmats Brand Gold Medal Tatami, which are considered to be the best martial arts mats in the world.

Easy Access

We are located on the corner of West 8th Avenue and Almaden Street in Eugene (two blocks east of Chambers Street and one block south of West 7th Avenue). Our large parking lot will accommodate 45 cars, and we have ample covered bicycle parking. Bus stops for LTD routes 41 & 43 are right across the street. Directions to BMAI.

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